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The new date for FIBO 2020 is fixed!

The new date for FIBO 2020 is fixed! Instead of April, this year’s show will take place from October 1 to 4 at the Cologne Exhibition Centre.

The reason for postponing FIBO is the current epidemic spread of the corona virus. The Cologne health authorities have also recommended not to hold any trade shows with a high level of international participation for the time being.

It is an extraordinary situation for all of us, but we will do everything in the coming months to get a strong FIBO in October off the ground. Of course, we will keep you informed about all news in this regard.

All FIBO tickets already purchased remain valid for the coming event. Should you not have time on the new date, cancellation and refund is possible.

More tickets for FIBO in October will be available in our ticket shop in early April.

Further information can be found in our FAQs.

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