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SKY:n toiminnanjohtaja ehdolla EuropeActiven hallitukseen

Suomen kunto- ja terveysliikuntakeskusten yhdistys SKY ry:n toiminnanjohtaja Riitta Hämäläinen-Bister on ehdolla EuropeActiven hallitukseen. Uuden hallituksen kokoonpano julkaistaan 10.4.2018 “General Assembly” -kokouksessa Kölnissä.

Riitta Hämäläinen-Bister

CEO, Executive Director, SKY Finland
Proactive, innovative future builder with good interaction skills

Leader, business developer in wellbeing industry. Executive director of Finnish Health and Fitness Centers’ Association (SKY). Lobbying the decision makers thru excellent networks.

Vice president of Finnish State Sports Council Foresight Committee as well as a member of National Agency for Education´s Foresight committee on health-, social- and wellbeing.




17th Annual General Assembly, 10th April 2018, Köln

Further to my email dated 5th March 2018, I would like to remind you of the 17th Annual General Assembly and request that a representitive of Finnish Health and Fitness Center’s Association SKY casts their vote against the four resolutions as detailed in the supporting documentation. EuropeActive is a membership organisation, it is therefore very important that ALL members who are eligible use their votes so as to ensure sound governance of the Association.

In the event that you cannot attend the GA I urge you to cast your vote by using our secure online voting system.

Please note…the above link is direct to your contact record on our database and lasts for 14 days. If you are not the ‘voting’ person for your organisation please email by reply the name, email and job title of who we should contact.

GA Documentation

The following documents supporting the 2018 General Assembly may be downloaded from our website;

  • Draft agenda
  • Draft minutes of the General Assembly in 2017
  • The financial results for 2017
  • The budget for 2018
  • The list of candidates and summary biography, etc. for those standing for election/re-election to the Board
  • The voting forms for resolutions if you want to print and complete it to bring with you the GA

We thank our members for your tremendous support and look forward to seeing you in Köln.

With kind regards,
Sir Graham Watson
Sir Graham Watson
EuropeActive President

Note: EuropeActive Statutes may be viewed from our website: click here

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