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European Summit on Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing

Brysselissä järjestettiin 5.-8.12.2016 summit-tapahtuma aktivisen ikääntymisen ja sitä tukevian digitaalisten innovaatioiden tiimoilta.
European Comissionin sivuilta löytyy aiheesta paljon hyödyllistä tutkimustietoa: EIP AHA Summit ja Policies for Ageing Well with ICT

ec-logo“The event will build on the achievements on the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy ageing (EIP AHA), past and current research & innovation in Horizon 2020, the Active and Assisted Living Joint Programme with Member States and the EIT-KIC on healthy living and active ageing. It intends to mobilise the relevant stakeholders around a common vision for scaling up innovation in Health and Active Ageing, the agenda for jobs and growth, strengthening the co-creation across national and regional authorities, civil society, and industry on creating scalable market opportunities within Europe and Globally. In particular high growth-potential areas such as ICT supported independent living and age-friendly smart homes, social robotics, digitally supported integrated health and social care services will be targeted.”