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EuropeActive: 2016 Year End Report

We would like to share with you the most important achievements and activities which EuropeActive was able to realise with your support in 2016. For that we created a Year End Report, please click here.

As a result of EuropeActive’s work, fitness is now recognised as a separate economic sector.
The year 2016 was successful for the EU Projects of EuropeActive and shows an even brighter future ahead. This year ALCIS 1 was completed and ALCIS 2 is still underway as part of European Week of Sport 2016, where over 20,000 children took part in 8 countries.

EuropeActive’s President, Sir Graham Watson chaired a special High Level Group which has fed recommendations for the new EU work plan 2017-2020 that will positively affect the fitness sector in the upcoming years.

We are particularly proud of the major achievements of the Professional Standards Committee in the past year. Beside that EuropeActive signed a Memorandum of Trust and Understanding with the Russian fitness-aerobics Federation, creating the Russian Register of Exercise Professionals (RUREPS).

EuropeActive also re-established the Memorandum of Trust and Understanding with the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals (USREPS), and agreed to sign an agreement with the Finnish Register early 2017.

The National Association of the Netherlands Fit!vak has adopted a new name and will be called NLActief which we see as a great endorsement for EuropeActive.