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FIBO 2020 -esite


Tutustu FIBO 2020 -esitteeseen

“Join us for a glimpse of the future. On the following pages we present the new hall layout of FIBO. We look forward to seeing you at FIBO 2020!”
Silke Frank
Event Director FIBO

“For Precor, FIBO 2019 was one of the most successful trade fairs in recent years. The new elegant look & feel in the company presentation and product portfolio was well received by both existing and new customers. In addition, the continuing trend towards digitization and networked fitness with the open operating system Preva was impressive. With important partners such as eGym and RunTV, the company is delivering innovative and interesting fitness solutions for every type of facility this year.”
Martin Borchers,
Business Manager DE,
Precor / Amer Sports Deutschland GmbH

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