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europeactiveEuropeActive is the (leading) not-for-profit organisation representing the whole of the European health and fitness sector in Brussels.

The European health & fitness sector serves over 46 million consumers, generates 25.2 billion Euro in revenues, employs 400,000 people, and consists of 46,500 facilities. Alongside its significant economic contribution, the sector has a major role to play in making a more active and healthy Europe.

EuropeActive aims to co-operate with the European Union and other international organisations to achieve its objective to get;


EuropeActive is also a standards setting body of the health and fitness sector and promotes best practice in instruction and training, with the ultimate objective to raise the quality of service and the customer’s exercise experience and results.

EuropeActive currently represents approx. 10,000 facilities and 18 national associations spread across 25 countries in Europe. Membership is open to all stakeholders – public or private – including operators, suppliers, national associations, training providers, higher education and accreditation institutions.

EuropeActive fully supports the strategic principles and objectives of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme. Read more…

National Association Partners

EuropeActive advocates for a strong consolidation of the EU fitness sector, a mission that would be unattainable without the involvement of the EU National Fitness Associations. EuropeActive works in close cooperation with 21 National Associations that coordinate the implementation of EuropeActive policies and standards in their countries. In this regard, they are provided with knowledge, information, support, visibility at sector events, networking opportunities and multiple projects to be explored together with other members. National Association Partners

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